J Patrick Redmond’s Some Go Hungry is now available for pre-order!

Some Go Hungry is a fictional account drawn from the author’s own experiences working in his family’s provincial Indiana restaurant–and wrestling with his sexual orientation–in a town that was rocked by the scandalous murder of his gay high school classmate in the 1980s.

Now a young man who has embraced his sexuality, Grey Daniels returns from Miami Beach, Florida, to Fort Sackville, Indiana, to run Daniels’ Family Buffet for his ailing father. Understanding that knowledge of his sexuality may reap disastrous results on his family’s half-century-old restaurant legacy–a popular Sunday dinner spot for the after-church crowd–Grey struggles to live his authentic, openly gay life. He is put to the test when his former high school lover–and fellow classmate of the murdered student–returns to town as the youth pastor and choir director of the local fundamentalist Christian church.

Some Go Hungry is the story of a young gay man forced to choose between the happiness of others and his own joy, all the while realizing that compromising oneself–sacrificing your soul for the sake of others–is not living, but death.


Release Date Announced For Some Go Hungry

Some Go Hungry, the debut novel by J. Patrick Redmond will be released by Kaylie Jones Books on May 3rd.

Advanced Praise for SOME GO HUNGRY

“Patrick Redmond has filled his first novel with passion – the passion to tell a story that resonates far beyond the confines of the small Indiana town where it is set. SOME GO HUNGRY tells an important tale that in some ways is timeless, and in other ways could have been ripped from today’s headlines.”

— Mark Childress, author of CRAZY IN ALABAMA and GEORGIA BOTTOMS

Kaylie Jones Books host publisher Akashic Books releases THE ANGER MERIDIAN, Kaylie Jones’ Sixth Novel

Akashic Books published Kaylie Jones’ fifth novel Speak Now in 2003. Later that year they reissued A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, her third novel originally published in 1990 by Bantam Books, which was adapted as a Merchant Ivory film in 1998. She is the editor of Akashic’s Long Island Noir.

Akashic is now the host publisher for Kaylie’s newest endeavor, Kaylie Jones Books, an imprint created to publish writers who bravely address serious issues—historical or contemporary—relevant to society today.

Kaylie Jones has published seven books, including a memoir, Lies My Mother Never Told Me. Her most recent novel, The Anger Meridian is available now from Akashic.


Praise for The Anger Meridian:

“Jones . . . has written a compulsively readable novel about a woman who manages to come into her own. With engaging characters, a compelling story, and a seductive sense of place, this is a literary treat.”

“Jones creates a seething portrait of a narcissistic mother in this story of an adult daughter’s attempt to reconcile the appearance of her prosperous and successful family with the harsh reality of a life built on a series of lies. . . . Jones keeps the action churning . . . but perhaps the novel’s greatest feat is Bibi, an all-too-real toxic monster of a mother.”
Publishers Weekly

“A fast-paced story of a woman who only stops lying to others once she stops lying to herself.”
Kirkus Reviews

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Matthew McGevna’s “Little Beasts” debuts from Kaylie Jones Books

KJB, McGevna, Long Island, Murder, Novel, Literary We are very proud to announce the release of Matthew McGevna’s debut novel Little Beasts, which Kirkus Reviews said “captures the familiar rhythms of summertime, following young people on the edge of violence.”

Here’s what others had to say about the novel:

“Here is Matthew McGevna’s Little Beasts, a story about growing up in the 1980s and making one’s way into the world. It’s all here: discovered ambition; poignant exasperation; abundant mistakes and triumphs and regrets. And what turns out to be the bitter downward path to wisdom. Matthew McGevna has given us a great gift. Superb.”
Larry Heinemann, author of Paco’s Story

“Mathew McGevna’s Little Beasts gives us the people of Turnbull, New York, as their own tragedy begins to envelop them. And in the sure hands of this gifted young novelist, we know them well enough to feel the history in our nerve-endings–we live it. This is a brave, beautiful book.”
Richard Bausch, author of Before, During, After


Turnbull is a working-class town full of weary people who struggle to make ends meet. Evictions, alcoholism, and random violence are commonplace. In the heat of July 1983, when eight-year-olds James Illworth, Dallas Darwin, and Felix Cassidy leave their homes to play in the woods, they have to navigate between the potentially violent world of angry adults and even angrier teens. Little do they know that within a few short hours, one of them will lay dead, after a bit of playful bullying from older teens escalates to tragedy.

Loosely based on a real crime that took place on Long Island in 1979, Little Beasts is a panorama of a poor, mostly white neighborhood surrounded by the affluent communities of the East End. After the murder, the novel’s main characters must come to grips with the aftermath, face down the decisions they’ve made, and reestablish their faith in the possibility of a better world.

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Little Beasts is available on Amazon

And also available for order from Akashic Books’

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Some Announcements From Kaylie Jones Books

We’re very excited to announce that Matthew McGevna’s novel ‪#‎LittleBeasts‬ has been chosen as a BEASelects‬ Literary Fiction Book
The Book Expo America BEASelects 2015 Literary Fiction Stage event is scheduled for:
Uptown Stage – Javitz Center
Thursday, May 28, 2015
1:45 – 2:15
Moderator: Gabe Habash, Deputy Reviews Editor, Publishers Weekly

Matthew Mcgevna’s novel will be out in July.

Also, join Kaylie Jones Books at their table at the Port Jefferson Free Library Author Fair! Featuring Kaylie Jones, Matthew McGevna (Little Beasts), and other KJB authors.

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Jason Carney’s ‘Starve the Vulture’ Book Release — A Success!

Jason Carney took a back seat at his own book release party for ‘Starve the Vulture’ on February 11th, opening the stage to longtime friends and poets. All proceeds were donated to Young DFW Writers, an organization founded by Jason Carney and Bob Stephenson that teaches students to stand and deliver performance poetry. Check out the pictures from the event.