Two Weeks Until Foamers Releases


Foamers, the flagship E-First novel of Kaylie Jones Books, by Justin Kassab releases on March 25th.

Terminally diagnosed with Huntington’s disease as a child, Kade gave up on living a productive existence. He spent most of his time preparing for the Primal Age, even though he knew the end of the world wouldn’t happen in his shortened lifetime.

In Kade’s twenties, the United States is being ravaged by the Feline Flu. After the Flu hits pandemic levels, a vaccine is released to the public. Viewed as the last chance to stop the virus, over ninety percent of the population receives the vaccine within a single day.

The vaccine takes on a life of its own and deprives the recipients of their higher functions, leaving them with only their primal urges. These bloodthirsty monsters become known as foamers because of the red foam that forms around their mouths when they hunt.

As the world as he knows it descends into the Primal Age, Kade finds that he is not only useful, but is expected to lead other survivors. His group is constantly assaulted by foamers and a warmongering paramilitary unit. In an unrelenting fight for their lives, his group is forced to redefine humanity in a world without law.

Interview with Laurie Loewenstein, Author of Unmentionables


Unmentionables, by Laurie Loewenstein

Unmentionables is now available wherever books are sold!

How did Laurie Loewenstein’s debut novel come to be? What gave her the most trouble? What will the author work on next? Find out in this interview with the author, found on Akashic Books’ website and featured on Akashic Insider.

Unmentionables Receives STARRED Review from Library Journal!

Laurie Loewenstein’s debut novel Unmentionables, the inaugural novel in Akashic’s Kaylie Jones Books imprint, has received a starred review in the January 15th, 2014 issue of Library Journal! Read the full review below:

 ★ Loewenstein’s remarkable debut was selected as a Midwest Connections Pick for January and is the first book in a imprint from Akashic curated by award-winning author Kaylie Jones (Speak Now). In August 1917, Marian Elliot Adams, a fiercely independent advocate for women’s rights, is traveling with the “Chautauqua circuit,” promoting their message of “sensible undergarments for women.” When she takes to the stage on hot night in Caledonia, IL, her speech shocks the local residents, who are further disgusted when she falls from the stage and sprains her ankle, forcing her to stay in town for a week. One week turns into many, and Marian’s presence reveals Caledonia’s long-held but unspoken rules regarding women, African Americans, and social order. After befriending the town’s newspaper publisher, Deuce Garland, and his stepdaughter Helen, Marian begins to question her own motives and must contemplate continues her chosen life of a visitor always passing through, or being known in a small town.
VERDICT This immensely entertaining and illuminating book transports the reader back in time while confronting the timeless matters of courage, sacrifice, race, gender, love and death. Exceptionally readable and highly recommended.

Congratulations, Laurie!

Join Laurie, Kaylie, and the Akashic team for the Unmentionables and Kaylie Jones Books launch event at 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 22nd at Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe (172 Allen Street, New York)!

UNMENTIONABLES Selected As January Midwest Connections Pick

UNMENTIONABLES Selected As January Midwest Connections Pick

Some excellent news:  Laurie Loewenstein’s UNMENTIONABLES has been selected by the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association as a Midwest Connections pick for January!  Follow the title/link above to learn more.

Nina Solomon signs with Kaylie Jones Books

Nina Solomon signs with Kaylie Jones Books

Nina Solomon has signed her novel, THE LOVE BOOK, with Kaylie Jones Books.

THE LOVE BOOK is about four women who meet on a singles bike trip through Normandy and discover a mysterious, possibly magical book about love that changes the course of their lives.

Learn more about Nina and THE LOVE BOOK at

Laurie Loewenstein to Read at ALA Midwinter Conference in Philly

Laurie Loewenstein to Read at ALA Midwinter Conference in Philly

We’re proud to share that the ALA (American Library Association) has selected Laurie Loewenstein to read at their Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia as part of a special spotlight on debut novelists. The debut author panel will take place on Sat., Jan. 28, from 3-4:30 pm.

Jason Carney signs with Kaylie Jones Books


Jason Carney was four when his violent and abusive father moved out. He was five when he learned of faggots and niggers. Seven when his great grandparents’ love etched into his heart the vital tools he would need to survive. At age eight, he stole a poetry book from the school library, thinking he’d found his connection to God. In third grade, he moved three times, because of his mother’s second suicide attempt; was eight years old when he first visited her in the psych ward. Jason discovered drugs at age nine. At age eleven he hurt others the way his father hurt him. Fourteen when his mother moved him to California with his new stepfather. Sixteen when they moved back to Texas, because Jason did not fit in. Seventeen— he first attacked men in porn store sex-booths. Placed in a mental hospital at age eighteen, a gay man showed him how poetry could redefine his life. At twenty-four, he put a face on the dark shadows of his nightmare. At twenty-six he intervened in a gay bashing and saved a man’s life. Thirty-two when he appeared on an HBO television show performing his poetry. At thirty-seven, lost in grief and drugs, he held a dying man in his arms. Jason was thirty-nine when he finally looked back and realized the dying man had been his moment of grace.

Starve the Vulture: One Man’s Mythology