Officials continue searching for source of WE ARE ALL CREW confidential book jacket leak


U.S. officials continue an extensive search for the source of an unprecedented leak of confidential documents. Earlier this week a file containing the final cover design for Bill Landauer’s upcoming novel, WE ARE ALL CREW, was distributed globally on a deep web site frequently visited by hackers and black market traders. At this time no leads have been reported but officials are looking for any information leading to the identification of these criminal perpetrators.

The final cover, pictured above, features a blurb from novelist Marlon James (author of A BRIEF HISTORY OF SEVEN KILLINGS): “We Are All Crew is hilarious and sad, slapstick and grotesque, fantastical, phantasmagorical, but never, ever just child’s play.” The novel is officially released in January 2015. For more information, visit Akashic Books.



Kaylie Jones’s THE ANGER MERIDIAN to be released on July 2015


Imprint founder Kaylie Jones’s new novel, THE ANGER MERIDIAN, will be released by Akashic Books in July 2015. Read the description below:

“Merryn Huntley is rudely awakened to the many bad decisions she has made in her life when she is told by two Dallas police officers that her wealthy husband Beau has been killed in a car accident, along with a local waitress. Merryn’s first instinct is to flee in order to protect her nine-year-old daughter, and the only place that feels safe enough is her mother’s beautiful, isolated home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Merryn’s mother, the redoubtable Bibi, always said to her as a child, When you tell a lie, make sure you keep it as close to the truth as possible, because it will be easier to remember. Ironically, from the moment Merryn arrives, she is forced into twisting the truth—about how much she knew of her husband and his shady business affairs; about her own secret lovers; and most importantly, that she is beginning to doubt the one person who has always been the greatest influence in her life: her mother.

The situation worsens when two FBI agents show up and begin to ask Merryn questions about her husband’s business, which only intensifies her need to continue lying. While Merryn’s perfect world begins to crumble around her, she must decide whether or not she can face the most painful reality of all—that she has been lying to herself her entire life.”

The book is now featured in the Akashic Book Catalogue. 



‘Colgate Scene’ recognized author Laurie Loewenstein as notable alumni

Colgate University recently included an excerpt from Laurie Loewenstein’s UNMENTIONABLES in the Colgate Scene, a publication which recognized alumni who have gone on to write books featuring a strong sense of place. It shared selections from several alumni books along with an author discussion of how they were inspired by real places in their lives.

“To Midwesterners like myself, it is a place of great beauty; of distant horizons where the sky bleaches to white, where windbreaks of catalpas hem farm fields, where the courthouse is ornately fluted. But it is also a place of contradictions, where politeness and conformity glide above deep currents of emotion and sentiment. Where we are both insiders and outsiders — fertile ground in which to explore the true nature of community.”

Read the feature from the Colgate Scene here.

Laurie Loewenstein

UK’s Historical Novel Society Reviewed SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT


The Historical Novel Society, an organization originally founded in the United Kingdom to promote works of historical fiction, recently reviewed Barbara J. Taylor’s SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT. Besides discussing the history of Scranton’s coal industry – describing the city as a character in itself – and immigration from Europe in the early 20th century, the reviewer stated: “This story is at once poignant and hopeful, spiced up by such characters as Billy Sunday, the revivalist, and Grief, the specter who haunts Grace to the very edge of sanity. A rich debut.”

Read the full review here. 

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SEVEN KILLINGS named Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of 2014

Marlon James’s A BRIEF HISTORY OF SEVEN KILLINGS was named one of the Best Books of 2014 by Publisher’s Weekly. The book was described as: “A virtuosic performance detailing three turbulent decades in Jamaican history, centering on the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. The voices of government agents, gang members, ex-girlfriends, and ghosts all contribute, and the result is shocking, cerebral, and exhilarating.”


Kirkus Reviews: Carney persevered in memoir, STARVE THE VULTURE


A reader from Kirkus Reviews posted this review of Jason Carney’s STARVE THE VULTURE:

“National Poetry Slam finalist Carney’s memoir of his troubled upbringing, drug addiction and eventual grace. Addicts often refer to a moment of epiphany, when, at their lowest point, they experience a feeling of clarity that puts their disease into perspective. The author vividly describes his moment as a fortuitous brush with death, when, after bingeing on crack, he was driving with a prostitute and a car careened out of control, almost crashing into him at high speed. Dazed, Carney helped the other driver and noticed a crack pipe in his pocket. That man, tossed from his vehicle but seemingly unhurt, could have been him. So begins Carney’s tale of redemption, which is told through time-traveling vignettes that alternate between his fraught childhood and adolescence and the manic, drug-addled events immediately leading to his moment of ‘grace.’ There is a sense of self-indulgence in Carney’s recollections of his lurid self-destruction, but his memory serves to contrast the extremes of his depravity with a newfound meaning in life. If addicts need an excuse to justify their excess, Jason Carney’s list would probably dwarf most. Growing up, his family life was classically dysfunctional. He had a teenage mother and abusive father and teenage years of delinquency, homophobia and criminal apprenticeship. Behind all that, however, was a love of words and reading. Carney even fondly recalls his first encounter with poetry in which he smuggled a book out of the school library after checkout time had ended, later thinking after his first marriage ended after nine months, the ‘only relationship I believed I needed was with poetry.’ His dedication to poetry would lead him to four National Poetry Slam finals and speaking gigs at colleges to decry the types of bigotry and hate that had led him astray. Carney will easily win sympathy for his life, in which he has persevered to show others the hard work of his salvation.”

A Memoir
Author: Jason Carney

Publisher:Kaylie Jones/Akashic
Pages: 300
Price ( Paperback ): $15.95
Publication Date: January 6, 2015
ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-1-61775-301-5
Category: Nonfiction

Laurie Loewenstein interviewed by Great War 100 Reads

Laurie Loewenstein

Not even a month after receiving a review for the UNMENTIONABLES in Great War 100 Reads, a blog commemorating the best World War I literature, KJB author Laurie Loewenstein was interviewed by the very same publication. In the interview she discussed her use of authentic historical details, questions she wished readers asked her about the book, and how her original goal was to write a novel with an outspoken woman as the main character. Read the full interview here.