Tuesday Tunes with Justin Kassab

WHAT IS TUESDAY TUNES? Tuesday Tunes is Kaylie Jones Books’ latest series and explores the connection between music and writing. Each month, we’ll invite one person from the Kaylie Jones Books collective to share their playlist, and their writing process, with us. This week, it’s Justin Kassab. WHO IS JUSTIN KASSAB? JUSTIN KASSAB is currently the […]

WriteChatWednesday: The Writing Process

What is #WriteChatWednesday? We believe what makes Kaylie Jones Books special is the way our writers and staff support one another. Kaylie Jones Books is truly a collective of writers who believe in sharing their knowledge and experience. #WriteChatWednesday is our latest blog series written for writers, by writers. Each month, our writers will be […]

Inside Look: Death of a Rainmaker

During the mightiest dust storm of the 1930s, an itinerant rainmaker is bludgeoned to death in a small Oklahoma town. Sheriff Temple Jennings, who is running for re-election in a tight race, struggles to solve the case. Farm foreclosures, wandering tramps and other miseries of a years-long drought and the Depression, make his job that […]