In recognition of a quickly evolving book publishing landscape, along with the proliferation and accessibility of self-publishing channels, Kaylie Jones Books (KJB) has developed a new publishing program in collaboration with Akashic Books to supplement our more conventional program. While the services we provide with Oddities authors are not as robust as in our traditional model, we consider it a great alternative to self-publishing, as we bring the full force of our editorial expertise and distribution channels to bear on the publication of your work. Some of the key features of the Oddities Series are detailed below:


Oddities offers authors a quick path from manuscript delivery to publication. Under a traditional model, publication occurs anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four months following acceptance of a manuscriptOddities closes that gap. The publication date is set four months after the edit is complete.


KJB editors provide the same level of careful editing with Oddities titles as with titles published under our conventional model.


Although Oddities has a strong focus on e-books, every title is also available as a physical book in both paperback and hardcover editions through print-on-demand technology, and can be purchased through many traditional retail print channels (including Amazon).


KJB upholds our high standards of cover design and other elements of production.


Akashic Books/KJB offers tremendous breadth of e-book distribution, with over forty distribution channels into the worldwide market.


Kaylie Jones Books markets titles in the Oddities series with the following support from Akashic:

  • Akashic will print a maximum of fifteen complimentary on-demand paperback books and will send them to trade journals and select media. KJB and/or Author can purchase an unlimited supply of non-returnable, on-demand books at contributor rate (50% of the cover price, plush shipping) for promotion to media (or for resale).
  • Inclusion in the Akashic Digit Program (digital excerpts from the Akashic catalog), an e-book marketing platform we’ve developed.
  • Dedicated original content on our website which we will promote on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) during the month of publication.
  • Publisher-initiated e-book discounts: we offer frequent vendor-wide discounts on themed titles, and Oddities titles will be included wherever appropriate.
  • Vendor e-book nominations: Oddities titles will be nominated for vendor-supported promotions like Amazon’s Daily Deal, Kindle Monthly, Nook Daily Find, etc. Nomination does not guarantee inclusion, but we have a good track record.
  • Akashic will make Digital Review Copies available on Edelweiss and as stamped ARC-PDFS in perpetuity.
  • Titles will be promoted in our catalog and in our distributor’s catalog.
  • Titles will be presented to our sales force at a biannual sales conference.


KJB and/or Oddities Authors are responsible for booking and promoting author events, and for making physical books available for sale and to area media, with the following requirements from Akashic:

  • Print-on-demand books are NON-RETURNABLE, which means most bookstores will not be willing to purchase them through out distribution channels in  most cases. Authors should be prepared to purchase copies from Akashic Books for resale on a consignment basis at bookstore events, or hand-sell them at off-site (non-bookstore) events.
  • Ordering Books: Orders must be placed a minimum of three weeks before the desired on-hand date.
  • Event Promotion: Akashic will promote events with outreach to listings media, via social media, and on out website if given at least eight weeks notice with all details (i.e., venue, time, etc.) in place.