Kaylie Jones Books is a New York-based imprint that creates a cooperative of dedicated emerging and established writers who play an integral part in the publishing process, from reading manuscripts, editing, and offering advice, to marketing upcoming publications. The list of brilliant novels unable to find homes within the mainstream is growing every day. It is our hope to publish books that bravely address serious issues—historical or contemporary—relevant to society today. Just because a book addresses serious topics and may include tragic events does not mean that the narrative cannot be amusing, fast-paced, plot-driven, and lyrical all at once.

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The Kaylie Jones Books Collective 

Kaylie Jones     Founder

Dawn D’Aries Zera     Managing Editor – Print Line

Justin Kassab     Managing Editor – E-First Line

Taylor M. Polites     Literary Consultant

Lori A. May    Literary and Marketing Consultant 

Linda Nguyen     Editor

Connor White     Digital Media Producer

Renette Zimmerly    Graphic Design

Lisa Greim    Graduate Assistant

 Vanessa Banks    Intern


Eyrna Jones-Heisler

Rick Priebe

Johanna James

April Line

Andrea Ruiz

Sheree Lewis

Loren Kleinman

David Andreas

McKenzie Cassidy

Our Authors

Laurie Loewenstein     Novel: Unmentionables (2014)

Justin Kassab     Novel: Foamers (E-First) (2014)

Novel: Strays (E-First) (2016)

Barbara J. Taylor     Novel: Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night (2014)

                                      Novel: All Waiting is Long (2016)

Jason Carney     Memoir: Starve the Vulture (2015)

Nina Solomon     Novel: The Love Book (2015)

Matthew McGevna     Novel: Little Beasts (2015)

Bill Landauer     Novel: We Are All Crew (E-First) (2015)

J. Patrick Redmond     Novel: Some Go Hungry (2016)

Patricia A. Smith     Novel: The Year of Needy Girls (Coming Jan 3, 2017)

Stacey Lender   Novel: City Mouse (Coming June 6, 2017)

Past Interns/Graduate Assistants

Dana Miller

Rick Priebe

Kait Burrier

Trilby Greene

Maxwell Bauman

R. Anthony Giamusso


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