Thank you for your interest in Kaylie Jones Books, but due to the overwhelming number of submissions we have received, we are not able to assess any further manuscripts at this time. Questions, comments, and queries can be sent to or you may contact us here.



4 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I just learned about you through a friend and although I understand you are no longer accepting submissions, I just had to say I am thrilled to learn that you exist. My agent (at Sterling Lord Literistic) has been unable to sell my novel which is about two young women who are released from a state mental hospital during the 1980s deinstitutionalization “reforms” only to wind up in a corrupt board and care and eventually on the streets. The novel was widely praised by all the editors it was sent to, both for its writing and the story, yet no one wanted to take it on because it was “too dark.” However, several chapters have already been published as short stories and the novel was a finalist in several contests, so I’m not willing to give up even though my agent is no longer actively submitting. I believe it’s a relevant story and a pressing social issue. I’m not surprised you’re overwhelmed, but I hope you will able to accept manuscripts at some point in the near future. If you have an idea when that might be, I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you,
    Cynthia Walker

  2. Hi Kaylie, I came away from meeting you a year ago September in Westbrook CT determined to finish my Memoir, “Suddenly Single, A Life After Death”. . It’s been months in the final edit stage, but i’d love to be a Kaylie Jones author, when you have a chance. Here’s a blurb:
    “A former Miss New York,suddenly a widow, tells of misadventures before creating a better life on her own.”

    1. Dear Miriam Russell,

      We are very sorry to inform you that at this time we are no longer accepting memoir submissions. There are too many literary novels in search of homes; we are short staffed and eager to publish every great novel and memoir that comes our way, but we just have to limit our vision to publishing literary novels at this time.
      Thank you for your interest.

      Vanessa Banks

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