Oddities Kaylie Jones Books is our e-first/print-on-demand line that focuses on unconventional, edgy, risk-taking novels that boldly defy the traditional forms and conventions of the literary novel, with a focus on YA, Horror, and Mystery. While our primary emphasis is fiction, we will make space for exceptional memoirs with non-traditional elements and themes.



David Andreas ANGEL OF THE UNDERGROUND, forthcoming January 2018. When David Andreas’ eyes fell upon FANGORIA #82 during the spring of 1989, he became addicted to all things horror. The highlight of his life (so far) is having interned for FANGORIA during the summer of 1999. While amassing several thousand movie reviews for his own website,… Continue reading Authors


Thank you for your interest in Oddities Kaylie Jones Books, but due to the overwhelming number of submissions we have received, we are not able to assess any further manuscripts at this time. Questions, comments, and queries can be sent to information@kayliejonesbooks.com or you may contact us here.

The Oddities Collective

Justin Kassab, Managing Editor – E-first Line JUSTIN KASSAB spends his time writing and working, with a little bit of water polo mixed in just for sanity. After a brief hiatus to work on a few other writing projects, he looks forward to continuing work on the third novel in The Primal Age Chronicles. He… Continue reading The Oddities Collective