Please read carefully before submitting.

Oddities is currently accepting submissions until June 15, 2018. Please see the guidelines below.

Each submission must include:

COVER PAGE: Your cover page must include the title of your submission, word count, and number of chapters in your completed manuscript.

SYNOPSIS PAGE: 250 words adequately conveying the story.

SUBMISSION: Any fifteen (15) pages in sequential order. Please note all submissions are blind. If the author’s name appears anywhere, it will be automatically rejected. All pages should be numbered, files should be in PDF format and be named using the following format: Title_Date of Submission.

Each submission must include either three separate documents, or one document with the cover page, followed by the synopsis page, followed by the submission. Please leave the body of your e-mail blank.

Submissions may be e-mailed to: Decisions can be expected to arrive within 90 days of submission.