Justin Kassab’s interview with New Asian Writing

  Justin Kassab’s interview with New Asian Writing Justin Kassab, author of Foamers (The Primal Age Chronicles), finished an interview with New Asian Writing sharing the inspiration behind his post-apocalyptic novel following a group of survivors and how they redefine themselves in a lawless world. Kassab explained how he researched historical pandemics, gun specs, and even […]

Two Weeks Until Foamers Releases

Foamers, the flagship E-First novel of Kaylie Jones Books, by Justin Kassab releases on March 25th. Terminally diagnosed with Huntington’s disease as a child, Kade gave up on living a productive existence. He spent most of his time preparing for the Primal Age, even though he knew the end of the world wouldn’t happen in […]

Cover for Foamers, by Justin Kassab

Foamers is Kaylie Jones Books flagship E-first novel, by Justin Kassab. Available March 25th. “When a screwed-up flu vaccine mutates sixty percent of humanity into mindless beasts, ‘Trust your intelligence’ becomes the leitmotif of a group of survivors. Fast-moving, violent, and vividly imagined, Foamers creates a dangerous world made disquietingly believable.” —David Poyer, author of Stepfather Bank and The Cruiser

First Trailer Shoot

On set of the trailer shoot for Foamers, Kaylie Jones and her daughter look on as Rob Thomas is transformed into a monstrous foamer. Thank you to Joe Bomba for taking the photos, Tom Borthwick for bringing this all together, and Markie Dennebaum and his crew at TwentyFiveEight Studios  in Scranton, PA, who made this incredible day possible. To see more photos from the […]