Akashic Publisher Johnny Temple featured in diversity piece on NPR


NPR spoke to Akashic Publisher Johnny Temple about economic and ethnic diversity in publishing. Through their motto, “reverse gentrification of the literary world,” Akashic publishes authors and attracts readers from many diverse backgrounds. The piece not only discussed how writers of color often feel separated from mainstream publishing, described as “overwhelmingly white,” but how some are at risk of changing their own voices or styles to fit into a world where they feel unwelcome. According to Temple: “If the industry doesn’t get more economically and ethnically diverse, it’s just going to be a pit that people are not going to be able to climb out of, as this certain cultural sphere becomes less relevant to the population at large.” Kaylie Jones Books is an imprint of Akashic Books in Brooklyn, New York. 

The Times Tribune published a Sunday feature on Barbara J. Taylor

Staff writer Patrice Wilding from The Times Tribune wrote a Sunday feature on Barbara J. Taylor, author of SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT. The book has sold over 10,000 copies and was selected by Publishers Weekly as a Best Summer Book of 2014. Taylor discusses how she had always dreamt of writing but considered it a “pipe dream,” yet managed to publish her doubt novel four weeks before her 50th birthday and considers it the second act in her own life.


Writers converged on Bluestockings for SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT launch party

Kaylie Jones Books hosted a book launch party for SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT at the Bluestockings Bookstore in New York City on Aug. 4. Imprint author Barbara J. Taylor read excerpts from her debut novel and friends of the imprint stopped by for a night of celebrating good literature.


Above: Barbara J. Taylor, author of SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT, reads at Bluestockings.


Above: Barbara J. Taylor and Taylor Polites, author of THE REBEL WIFE.


Above: Imprint founder Kaylie Jones and Tim McLoughlin, author of HEART OF THE OLD COUNTY.


Above: SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT by Barbara J. Taylor


UNMENTIONABLES named on Top 100 World War I Reads

The flagship publication of Kaylie Jones Books, UNMENTIONABLES by Laurie Loewenstein, was mentioned on a list of the Top 100 novels about World War I. The blog “Great War 100 Reads,” established to commemorate 100 years since the start of World War I, added UNMENTIONABLES alongside Virginia Woolf’s MRS. DALLOWAY and Edith Wharton’s A SON AT THE FRONT.

In UNMENTIONABLES, the main character Marian Elliot Adams, an outspoken advocate for sensible undergarments for women, travels to France’s Picardy region during the war to help destitute villagers.



At The Inkwell’s reading series at the NYC Poetry Festival

At The Inkwell, an organization in New York City dedicated to promoting authors, hosted its own reading series at the Fourth Annual NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island. Watch some of the clips from the festival below!

Above: Loren Kleinman reads: “At 15″ “Everything Must Go” and “For My Mother” for At The Inkwell’s reading series on Governors Island.

Above: Maria Mazziotti Gillan reads “What I Can’t Face About Someone I Love” for At The Inkwell on Governors Island.

Above: At The Inkwell hosts its reading series on Governors Island. Mark Hillringhouse reads “Diner” and “Woolworth’s.”

Wilkes MFA graduates represented at NYC Poetry Festival

A group of up-and-coming poets, including graduates of the Wilkes University MA/MFA in Creative Writing Program, participated in the Fourth Annual NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island from June 26-27. They read work appearing in “Everyday Escape Poems,” an anthology published by Swandive Publishing Company.


Swandive Publishing Company.

Above: Poet and Wilkes MFA graduate Kait Burrier.