Enjoy classic Dickens? You’ll love SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT!


Arts.Mic writer Rachel Grate published an article recommending new books based on their similarities to much beloved classics. Barbara J. Taylor’s SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT, made the list with a comparison to HARD TIMES by Charles Dickens. Grate writes:

“HARD TIMES by Charles Dickens takes place in a mill town in northern England, focusing on the economic difficulties pressuring members of all levels of society engaged in the mill. In typical Dickens fashion, he has many characters, all complex and facing their own tragedies. SING IN THE MORNING, CRY AT NIGHT by Barbara J. Taylor covers a similar topic, an early 20th-century coal-mining town. Like Dickens, the novel traces family tragedy, in this case the town blaming 8-year-old Violet Morgan for her older sister’s death. As her parents fall victim to their own vices, Violet learns how to form her own friendships to survive.”

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