Jason Carney’s STARVE THE VULTURE reviewed by Booklist

Jason Carney’s STARVE THE VULTURE reviewed by Booklist



Mark Eleveld from Booklist posted a glowing review of Jason Carney’s STARVE THE VULTURE, released by Kaylie Jones Books in January 2015. In his review he wrote:

“Carney has been a finalist in National Poetry Slam four times, was honored as a Legend of the Slam, and appeared on several seasons of HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry. A gruff Texan who loves his mother, he performs his endearing poems with intensity and agility. For Carney, poetry is redemption, a way out of his rough life of contending with addictions of various kinds, homophobia, and racism. He recounts his journey to poetry and his work as an educator in this memoir, his first major piece of published writing, which opens in the midst of a storm of trouble escalated by a car crash. ‘This is the moment I saw on the horizon my whole drugged out life.’ Carney follows a circuitous path to sobriety and sanity that includes his first poetry reading as well as interludes in drug dens, porn shops, and wild parties and, finally, stepping on stage in front of TV cameras. Sheepishly naïve, jaunty, frank, and compelling, Carney shares his instructive story with generosity and insight.”

Issue: November 1, 2014
Starve the Vulture.
Carney, Jason (Author)
Jan 2015. Akashic/Kaylie Jones, paperback, $15.95. (9781617753015). 811.

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