THE LOVE BOOK chosen as Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week

THE LOVE BOOK chosen as Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week


THE LOVE BOOK by Nina Solomon, a new novel from Kaylie Jones Books scheduled for official release on January 6, has been chosen as a Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week!

Publishers Weekly wrote: “Solomon’s follow-up to her 2003 debut SINGLE WIFE revolves around four unlikely friends who first meet during a disastrous Flaubert-themed bike trip in France. There, one of them comes across the titular book about attracting a mate. While the premise of four disparate personalities meeting cute may seem trite at first, Solomon’s effort eventually blossoms into a compelling mix of story lines. Back in Manhattan, Emily, a freelance writer with an impressionable 10-year-old son, catches the eye of Duncan, a charming author with a mean streak that rivals Emily’s ex-husband’s. Fellow New Yorker Max, a tough tomboy who guards her heart fiercely and worries about having fallen for too-good-to-be-true Garrett, works as a personal trainer. Superstitious Cathy, who found the Love Book and keeps trying to get the four together to follow its exercises, lives with her elderly father after having lost her home in a fire. She’s dying to find her soul mate, unlike fiery Beatrice, who is fiercely independent at 69 and determined not to let any man tie her down, even her married paramour Freddy, who wants to marry her, or his brother Malcolm, who is clearly the guy for her.”

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