Nina Solomon’s THE LOVE BOOK named a must-read in the New York Post


The New York Post published a list of five “must-read” books for the week of January 3 and included Nina Solomon’s THE LOVE BOOK, the next novel to be released by Kaylie Jones Books on January 6.

After describing THE LOVE BOOK as required reading for anyone who picks up a copy of the Post, the reviewer Billy Heller also wrote:

“Although a quartet of friends who first meet on a Flaubert-themed bike trip in France are an unlikely group, in Solomon’s second novel they bond over ‘The Love Book,’ a how-to guide the romantic but naive one, Cathy, finds. Also in the gang are Manhattan writer Emily, personal trainer Max and independent 69-year-old Beatrice. A heartwarming tale of friendship and love and a nice way to welcome a new year.”

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