Tuesday Tunes with Justin Kassab

Tuesday Tunes with Justin Kassab


Tuesday Tunes is Kaylie Jones Books’ latest series and explores the connection between music and writing. Each month, we’ll invite one person from the Kaylie Jones Books collective to share their playlist, and their writing process, with us. This week, it’s Justin Kassab.


JUSTIN KASSAB is currently the managing editor for Oddities by Kaylie Jones Books, with a little bit of water polo mixed in just for sanity. After a brief hiatus to work on a few other writing projects, he looks forward to continuing work on the third novel in The Primal Age Chronicles. He is the author of FOAMERS and STRAYS.



My playlist is diverse but tends to hit on a specific purpose. I’ll listen to a single song on repeat until I’m done with the corresponding section. I’m currently working on a post-apocalyptic project, so when music does play a role, it’s usually few and far between but I try to incorporate it when possible.
Right now Drummer Boy by Mister Wives is my favorite. I was able to see them live recently and they were awesome, so that helps. Tubthumping has been part of my writing process for 10 year so that holds a top spot.
When writing, I assign every character a song that I’ll often listen to while working from their POV.
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